jack savoretti when we were lovers

Jack Savoretti – When We Were Lovers

New single out yesterday for Jack Savoretti “When We Were Lovers”, first extract from his upcoming album “Sleep No More” Yet again his deep, rough, iconic voice fills the room the moment you turn on this track. The passionate and overwhelming chorus jumps seemingly out of nowhere and immediately brings you down this sort of […]


Lorenzo Fragola / The Reason Why

Happy new year people!! Finally back from the long Christmas holidays, we’re officially up and running again! After two weeks of well deserved relaxation, snow and a few unforseen accidents, we can now get back to business. Since I got stuck in Italy a little longer than I expected, I might as well start off […]

Fabi Silvestri Gazze’/Il Padrone Della Festa

PopSushi Review Score:  4/5 La presa bene della prima volta che ho ascoltato “life is sweet” é una sensazione che non mi é capitato di provare spesso con la musica dell’ultimo periodo. La sorpresa, la botta di fortuna inaspettata, i cinque euro trovati sul pavimento. Partendo dal presupposto che amo questi tre artisti anche presi […]