adventures of a lifetime

BREAKING NEWS: The return of Coldplay

Chris |Martin and his team are back for business!! Here’s “Adventures Of A Lifetime”   After many teasers more or less clear, a mysterious event set for today at 7.45 am and the announcement of a new album due in the next months, Coldplay have finally released their first single from “A Head Full Of […]

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Weekly Specials – Christmas Edition

We’re almost there, a few days to Christmas! It is officially time to deck the halls and hang the mistletoe, so what can help you set the right mood if not some holiday music? This week’s top 5 is therefore dedicated to a few tracks for the festive period. Unfortunately I am not a great […]

BBC1 Radio Live Lounge

BBC1 Radio Live Lounge is a radio show in the UK that basically is all I ever wanted. The ingredients are there: live recordings and international artists singing other international artists’ songs. Ok, it doesn’t always work out the was it should (some bands should stick to their repertoire for the well being of our […]