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Golden Oldies: The Backstreet Boys… Then

Post by Paola Once you lived the nineties there is no chance that you will encounter another beautiful, sparkly and powerful era, especially when talking about music. When I think of nineties, my mind gets invaded by lights, colors, clashing of sounds, red and blonde curtained hair, Backstreet Boys. Yes, because BSB wasn’t just a […]

Kicking the monday blues – PopSushi Power Playlist

Don’t be sad! Only 5 days to the weekend! In the meantime we’ve provided you with a good PopSushi Power Playlist to start well your week and kick some balls! This playslist is useful for monday morning or whenever you have to feel strong and get it going! You against the world! Subscribe to the […]

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Weekly specials/26 October

This week’s five top hits! Check ’em out! Le 5 top hit di questa settimana!