Lorenzo Fragola / The Reason Why

Happy new year people!! Finally back from the long Christmas holidays, we’re officially up and running again! After two weeks of well deserved relaxation, snow and a few unforseen accidents, we can now get back to business. Since I got stuck in Italy a little longer than I expected, I might as well start off […]

henry krinkle

Henry Krinkle / Stay

In for some house/sort of dubstep/bass beats? Henry Krinkle is the one you wanna listen to. He hasn’t published chart topping hits yet (his is not commercial music anyway), but with his single “Stay” he already sets the level for a great future also with a wider audience. Totally addictive. Se siete in vena per […]

Gwen Stefani/Baby Don’t Lie

Gwen Stefani is back! After many years from her last solo single, “Early winter”, she’s now back on the radio with “Baby don’t lie”. Must say, it has something exotic with it that I can’t quite recognise, but it works well. I find the chorus missing a bit of identity, but I guess it’s because […]