Sashimi Review / Ibeyi

I have been wanting to write about the Ibeyi phenomenon for a long time, but I always found the power of this twin duo hard to express in words. These two french-cuban sisters have landed in the charts with their extremely spiritual and exotic debut album “Ibeyi”, in which their research and exercise with those […]

Rae Morris

Rae Morris / Unguarded

PopSushi Review Score: 4/5 Last year has officially been the best of her life, according to young singer Rae Morris from Blackpool, who has seen her music pop out from behind the curtain and go viral in the charts. Her new album “Unguarded” is in stores now (anticipated by the latest single “Under The Shadows”) […]

Erlend Øye / Legao

PopSushi Review Score: 3/5 Do you remember Kings of Convenience, the norwegian band that sang “Misread” in 2004? One of them, Erlend Øye (the tall guy so to speak) went solo a few years ago. He’s actually an interesting act, and produced a few albums in english, and the latest one, Legao (2014), sounds really good. […]