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This week’s revelation, Misterwives!
NYC based trio are going loud with this single released in January, leaving us waiting for the first album.
I found out about them when I heard their cover of Vance Joy’s “Riptide” on spotify, which I really appreciated, so I moved to youtube and started exploring. This is their single and I quite enjoy it! They haven’t got much original stuff yet, they mostly made cover songs. But still, I find her voice pretty interesting, and will for sure keep an eye on them (and their US tour!).


La rivelazione di questa settimana, Misterwives! Li ho scoperti quando ho sentito la loro interpretazione di “Riptide” di Vance Joy su spotify, e mi sono subito spostata su youtube per studiarli meglio. Questo e’ loro singolo e mi piace molto! Non hanno ancora molti brani inediti, per lo piu’ cover. Nonostante cio’, trovo che la sua voce sia molto interessante, sicuramente un gruppo da tenere d’occhio (come il loro tour americano!)!




This is their Spotify Sessions version of “Riptide”:

Questa e’ la versione tratta dalle Spotify Sessions di “Riptide”:

They also know how to be more introverted and dark, in any case in all the tracks produced so far the lead singer Mandy Lee always gives proof of her great vocals, such in “Lullaby” and “Coffins“. But if you look for something more fun, then “Twisted Tongue” is what you need to listen to.
Sanno anche essere piu’ introversi e riservati, ma in ogni caso la cantante Mandy Lee sa sempre dare prova delle sue grandi capacita’ canore, come in “Lullaby” e “Coffins“. Ma se state cercando qualcosa di piu’ allegro, e’ “Twisted Tongue” il brano da ascoltare.



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