You+Me / Rose ave

Pink is back. But not the usual kickass strong crazy Pink. The introverted and tormented Pink. We’ve had a preview of her dark side in many of her past songs, such as “Sober” or the beutiful duet with Fun. singer Nate Ruess “Just Give Me a Reason”. This time she leaves the Pink dress and, […]

BBC1 Radio Live Lounge

BBC1 Radio Live Lounge is a radio show in the UK that basically is all I ever wanted. The ingredients are there: live recordings and international artists singing other international artists’ songs. Ok, it doesn’t always work out the was it should (some bands should stick to their repertoire for the well being of our […]

Erlend Øye / Legao

PopSushi Review Score: 3/5 Do you remember Kings of Convenience, the norwegian band that sang “Misread” in 2004? One of them, Erlend Øye (the tall guy so to speak) went solo a few years ago. He’s actually an interesting act, and produced a few albums in english, and the latest one, Legao (2014), sounds really good. […]

Fabi Silvestri Gazze’/Il Padrone Della Festa

PopSushi Review Score:  4/5 La presa bene della prima volta che ho ascoltato “life is sweet” é una sensazione che non mi é capitato di provare spesso con la musica dell’ultimo periodo. La sorpresa, la botta di fortuna inaspettata, i cinque euro trovati sul pavimento. Partendo dal presupposto che amo questi tre artisti anche presi […]

U2 / Songs of Innocence

PopSushi Review Score:  3/5 I’ve waited a long time for a new lp from Sir Bono & co, and after two loose singles (Invisible and Ordinary Love) finally the time has come. Apple or not, free music warms your heart like a hot chocolate on a rainy day, so thanks U2, I happily accept you […]