Sashimi Review / Ibeyi

I have been wanting to write about the Ibeyi phenomenon for a long time, but I always found the power of this twin duo hard to express in words. These two french-cuban sisters have landed in the charts with their extremely spiritual and exotic debut album “Ibeyi”, in which their research and exercise with those […]


    Polyhedric and unpredictable, with this song Aaron Jeroma (aka SBTRKT) makes himself easier and more adaptable. Electro beats but with a clear retro rhythm, it’s the song you would hear for sure while shopping at Zara or similar. A must have. Do not miss also: SBTRKT/New Dorp.New York   Poliedrici e imprevedibili, con questo brano […]

solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2015: The Ultimate Playlist

The sun’s out again! The few lucky ones who do not live in a permanently-cloudy city (in LDN we experienced the typical covered/grey/boring weather..you had to look carefully to spot it), this morning could enjoy a bit of a show in the sky, with the solar eclipse. As the moon moved in front of the […]

sugar ray

Sugar Ray / When It’s Over

Once upon a time in far 1995 four american boys joined together and formed a band called Shrinky Dinks (name taken from a popular toy). Only after being threatened of lawsuit by the toy producer they finally became Sugar Ray. I always appreciated their pop rock quite a lot and their biggest singles have gone […]

christian scott

Sunday suggestion: The Eraser by Christian Scott

It’s the end of the weekend and it’s cold outside and i’m still kinda sleepy after saturday’s crazyness and yeah, i simply hate sundays, that’s just it. So here’s a quick suggestion if you want to enjoy a few moments of good jazz music, postponing just a little more all the weekly anxiety. It’s an […]


Survival Kit: Whole Lotta Love / Led Zeppelin

Tube strike, cloudy sky (!) and all of a sudden you feel in a Thursday morning Hunger Game. Soundtrack: Whole Lotta Love, by rock legends Led Zeppelin. No other description needed, we only recommend to turn up the volume. Hold on, although you’re probably still quite far from the office, you’re already one step closer […]